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photoHappy New Year!! Lion & Kracie Body Care, Hair Care Products etc.. 20% OFF

4th JAN - 10th JAN
Double Point Week!!  (07/Jan/16)

photo< New Arrivals & Specials >
1. O-Toro Sashimi (Frozen) From Tokyo Japan!! are available now!!!
2. Japanese Cooked EEL from Shimanto (Soy Sauce Based Sauce & Plain Flavour) are now on sale!!
3. Tomomasu DARIAN Cider!?!? are now on sale!!
4. House Yoghurt Dessert "Fruitche" Strawberry Flavour are in Store Now!!
5. Blended Whisky "YAMAZAKURA" from Japan are available now!!!   (07/Jan/16)

photo<< Recommendation >>
1. Try our delicious Sliced Wagyu Beef and the BBQ cut, Sliced Kurobuta Pork and Sliced Pork Belly.
2. Fresh vegetables (Daikon Raddish, Spring Onion, Chinese Cabbege) and mushrooms
(Enoki, Shimeji, Shitake, King Oyster) arrive every Thursday.
3. Japanese Breads (such as Sweet red bean buns, Melon bread, Curry bun, Yakisoba bread etc)
arrive every Saturday.
4. We have fresh eggs.
5. We have healthy Konjyak Noodles. (Known as "Miracle Noodles")  (07/Jan/16)

photo< Parking Discount >
When you spend over $40, you can redeem up to 1 hour free parking to the value of $2.50
in the Elizabeth Street Car Park. Please show us your parking ticket to get a 1 hour parking.

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